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  1. The company   Chasseurs de Saveurs, is committed to the producer groups to train them, accompany them, and promote their long-term projects.

  2. We guarantee a market with a minimum price for each product, establishing 5-year contracts, and giving credits at a minimum rate at the key moment of crop management.

  3. We offer transparency in actions and we generate a profit compensation system, following the fair trade model.

  4. We are committed to working as a group, associating crops with high added value on the pillars of income, consumption and timber cultivation, as well as working with the land in a sustainable and organic way.


  1. Create and strengthen a responsible and active peasant network in Mexico based on the development of an integral model of work on the land based on the design of Edible Forests.

  2. To be an actor of global and sustainable development in Mexico through the promotion of responsible and organic agriculture, in addition to generating models of fair sales and marketing.

  3. To be a means for shaping the dignity of the countryside through the cultivation of native products, supporting the culture and tradition of the families that make up each indigenous community with whom we work.


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