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At Chasseurs de Saveurs, we seek to offer the best possible quality in our products, so we strive not only to work in the field, but we also have a deep interest in collaborating with the university sector, such as the University of Chapingo, the ISTOM in France, or the LUUCE; or the private sector (in Madagascar, France and Taiwan), and public research centers such as INIFAP (Mexico), CIRAD, IRD (France) to create research groups specialized in the productive model of «Edible Forests».


The research we support focuses on issues such as genetics, endemic seed banking, creation of crop germplasm, production improvements, dream crop association, and organic fertilizers for the sustainability of production models suitable for the field.

Chasseurs de Saveurs, as a company, also includes research on the economic-social context of producers in order to improve the life situation in the countryside, for which it establishes public and private links that support the co-financing of theses, centers research, knowledge exchange both in Mexico and outside the country.


We seek to promote from these activities a comprehensive model of rural development with an efficient and concrete application in the field. We seek to open ourselves to the participation of forums and the exchange of information and we work for the development of just rural policies.

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