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The Certification Program is aimed at producers associated with Chasseurs de Saveurs, with the aim of certifying the plots and the different productions of the farmers. It focuses on the adoption of good ecological practices and rules of traceability and transparency The program applies across the range of our products. Coffee, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper and so on . Chasseurs de Saveurs, is responsible for the management of the certificate and coordinates the inspections of certifying bodies.

This program focuses on internal training and is aimed at leading producers, or children of producers, with the aim of creating a network of trained community promoters. The program contains 15 training modules over 2 years. It ranges from general aspects of Edible Forests, to technical aspects of production and robust practice preparation.

The promoters are the people in charge of replicating the training with the producers and are in charge of internally inspecting the organic certification.

The Project Management Program is intended for producer groups associated with the company with the aim of financing production plans or finding subsidies through the management of projects with dependencies.

At Chasseurs de Saveurs, we focus on the search for financing and organizational support for producers. The projects are generated according to an annual and triannual agenda prepared especially for the producers.