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Mexican company of gourmet spices


Enhance the gastronomic experience of the world with endemic products from the Edible Forests of Mexico.


Promotion and support to the Mexican countryside


Promote rural development in a fair, organizational and ecological way to offer authentic products from Mexico to world gastronomy.

Products of



Visit our Online Store to purchase our diversity of gourmet products produced in the tropical climates of Mexico.

Fair Trade!

Our work and ethics lead us to value the Mexican field of
fair and dignified way to offer a range of endemic products from
premium quality to the gourmet gastronomy sector.

Magic Boxes

Get to know our special edition of spices.


Find our diversity of products through our different allies



One of our major projects at Chasseurs de Saveurs has to do with the development and implementation of the «Edible Forests» model. We have sought to organize structured peasant networks through various value chains in order to support our company. To understand a little more what we mean when we talk about "Edible Forests" we are going to say that these are the illustration of a sustainable agriculture!

Photo: Stasia Garraway

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