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For the well-being and harmony of hearts. A healing honey.

Textura de hormigón


The historical and cultural link

The Melipona is a large, strong and hairy bee that lives inside holes in trees and stone walls. Produces more honey than all bees. However, Melipona honey production is very complex due to the bee's sensitivity to climate and habitat change.


Our honey production comes from the Totonac area of ​​Veracruz, located in the center of the country. More than 20 producer families work together, forming a legal cooperative, following the company's Edible Forest model, associating the cultivation of cinnamon, allspice, vanilla and melipona.


The main harvest is between March and April. Then comes a post-harvest stabilization work of the fermentation, giving a honey available for sale in July-August.


Textura de la piel



The Scaptotrigona mexicana species is native to the Veracruz and Puebla region, Mexico. Known as the "Mayan" bee, it is an endemic species of Mexico that has the peculiarity of not having a sting or poison. Its honey has been known since ancient times as a very effective remedy, and its wax has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Origin: Our honey production comes from the Totonac region of Veracruz.

Variety: Of the best varieties.

Agriculture: carried out by small and medium producers in an agroforestry system.

Habitat: it lives in the hollows of the tree trunks and inside the hollows of the stone walls.



A hydrating and antiseptic honey

Color: intense yellow, amber to orange.

Scent: delicately sweet to sour, depending on the production season.

Texture: very liquid.

Flavor: multifloral, citric, resinous, with a slight note of alcoholic fermentation.

A.G. Melipona

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