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An impossible love story was what gave rise to this aromatic orchid

textura de papel


Climbing Orchid

Originally from Mexico and Central America , vanilla planifolia is a climbing epiphytic plant, whose succulent stem attaches itself to the trunks and branches that it takes as tutors. Its leaves are fleshy and dark green. It bears a flower in the form of a cluster and pale yellow when it blooms, and its fruit is a unilocular capsule, when it ripens it turns dark brown until it opens into two longitudinal valves.


As such, it has the particularity of being a distinctly tropical species that lives at 20 or 30 ° C, and in a humidity of around 80%, where its growth is favored in light shade. Our vanilla planifolia is cultivated and harvested in an artisanal way under agroforestry systems, located in semi-intensive crops using natural shade.


At the time of pollination, vanilla plants are pollinated by hand, but we can count on the help of natural allies such as the melipona bee, which is responsible for the pollination of approximately 30% of our annual production. Finally, the average parcels of each producer measure approximately 1 hectare with only two "tasks" (approx. 1200 square meters) dedicated to the production of vanilla, associated in turn with other crops to promote the diversification and creation of the Edible Forest.



The historical and cultural link

The ancient inhabitants of Papantla, Veracrúz, tell the legend of this beautiful orchid: Teniztli, third lord of El Tajín, had as his daughter a maiden of incomparable beauty, Tzacopontziza, Totonac noble daughter, sheltered in the Tonacayoha temple, by decision of her father, so that no man would possess such a treasure.


Resigned, she accepted her fate, until one day, a young man appeared near the temple. It was Xcatan-oxga, who upon seeing her fell madly in love with her. When they saw that their love was not allowed, they decided to flee together, but the priests of the temple imprisoned them: Sacrilege! They said. And without asking for more explanations, they took them, cut off their heads, extracted their hearts and threw them at the bottom of a ravine, where later the vegetation grew to cover them.

Next to the bush an orchid that after blooming left behind some dark pods with an exquisite aroma. They were the hearts of Xcatan-oxga and Tzacopontziza. They named that plant Xanath , which means hidden flower.



Climbing Orchid

Giant in size, epiphytic and climbing species. Unique in its kind, Vanilla Pompona, is characterized by giving short fruits, whose flavor after a correct processing turns musky, which distances it from the traditional aromas of vanilla.

The pods look a lot like small bananas and their production is scarce, but deeply treasured for their exoticism. Like planifolia vanilla, this vanilla is grown in 100% agroecological spaces


A.G. Vainilla

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