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Aromatic species

especias indias


Of penetrating essence

Cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum, is a highly sought after spice for its aromatic flavors. It is a gourmet spice, endemic to Central America and Asia especially. There is not much production worldwide, due to the fact that it is a difficult crop to produce due to its climatic conditions and energy expenditure, which makes it scarce in quantity.

It is in dry and clean seed what we offer to you: grain of 2 mm in diameter, hard, dark green color. It is characterized by its mint smell, and can be used in cooking, pastries, tea and ice cream.

Textura de hormigón



Origin: The cardamom that we offer is cultivated in the lower zone of Oaxaca, in humid tropical conditions.


Producers: It is worked in association with vanilla and cocoa according to the Edible Forest model for a total of 30 families that cultivate it.


Cultivation: It is cultivated without chemical products, with artisanal plantation management. Presented in green and parchment with sheath.


Use: Increases appetite, reduces bad breath problems, increases and stimulates the digestive process, reduces pain and cramps of the menstrual period, and so on.

A.G. Cardamómo
A.G. Melipona

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