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It was not more than a little honey but it warmed my body and in my soul it still shines like a great sun.

George Brassens

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Our oak or dew honey is produced from the secretions and outgrowths of honeydew or honeydew from the humid oak forests in the central region of Veracruz. Honey is dark brown in color, thick in texture and with a nutty flavor, with a floral and sweet aroma.


Its production is given by the apis mellifera, which transforms the extra-floral secretions of plants and the sugary excretions of sap-sucking insects of the order Hemiptera, into a unique honey in flavor. Its production occurs during the months of July and September

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We live for honey

Our honey production comes from the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz, where we produce a variety of apis multifloral honey and oak honey of the best quality. As producers we take care that the extraction of honey is done during the summer and autumn months for multifloral honey, and honey apis from oak or dew during the months of July and December when the oak trees are covered with sap.


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Our honey variability depends on the characteristics of the plant material from which the bees have extracted the nectar to make their honey. Mexico is characterized by being the third largest producer of honey worldwide, the main buyers being the United States and countries of the European Union such as Germany!


Our beekeeping is directly associated with our Edible Forests, participating in the pollination of the great diversity of products that we handle. Our honey has the virtue of being known for its antiseptic and medicinal properties, in addition to being valued for its nutritional and medicinal properties, it plays a fundamental role in biodiversity.


A.G. Melipona

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