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One of our major projects at Chasseurs de Saveurs has to do with the development and implementation of the «Edible Forests» model.

The "Edible Forests" we are going to say, are the illustration of a sustainable agriculture, an agriculture of the XXI century, respectful of the environment, and of men, a diversified farming model, where there are both products for self-consumption, as exotic products intended for sale.

Environmental impact

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  • This system can be adapted to both small and large scale, there are edible forests from 135 m2 to 1 hectare 10 000 m2.


  • 200 families enrolled in our organic vanilla production program.

  • 137 parcels certified as organic production units, representing 33.32 hectares.


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Edible Forests an alternative to the promotion of peasant organization, productive diversification, taking advantage of the valorization potential that each cultivated product has in the market, while maintaining self-consumption production. In 2019 we created the Mexican Association of Edible Forests (AMEBOSCO) together with other leading producers, in order to promote and strengthen the Edible Forests model.


We create different care, support and follow-up programs to strengthen value chains and organization of peasant groups.This project faces various challenges in the rural world in Mexico in the 21st century such as: very fragmented land ownership, lack of access to financing, low productivity and little generation of added value, access to international markets and its quality requirements, climate change and land use.

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Chasseurs de Saveurs, in joint work with AMEBOSCO, has implemented different programs to promote the edible forest model:


  • Organic vanilla production program (EU and LPO certified).

  • Rural promoters and leaders program.

  • Project Management Program.

  • Design and implementation of edible forests.

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Two companies united for the growth of the field, improvement of the quality of life of the producers and valuation of their crops.

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