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Textura de árbol

Chasseurs de Saveurs

(Flavor Hunters)

We are a Mexican company socially committed to serving its customers that seeks to offer the best quality of gourmet products through the promotion and support of producers. Currently we have positioned ourselves as a platform for the valorization and commercialization of spices and products of high gastronomic value, thanks to the creation of agroecological projects with which we have managed to promote in the field of various tropical regions of Mexico, models of Edible Forests.




Agronomists and producers who know the context and needs of the field.


The mission of Chasseurs de Saveurs is to improve the gastronomic experience of the world with endemic products from the Edible Forests of Mexico.


Promote rural development in a fair, organizational and ecological way to offer authentic products from Mexico to world gastronomy.


We created the A sociation M exicana B ORESTS omestibles C. AC

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