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Life is like a cup of coffee. Everything is in how you prepare it, but above all in how you take it.

Photo: Stasia Garraway


Photo: Stasia Garraway

Textura crema


A unique relationship between the land and tasting

Our Coffea Arabica coffees are grown in the mountains of the Mexican southeast. And they have been carefully selected by the producers to offer you the best Arabicas, fine aromas, balanced body and exquisite flavors in your mouth.


As producers we offer coffees according to our terroirs and varieties:

-Micro lots worked by hand with particular attention in the manual section of the grains, from the plot, until their post-harvest treatment. Organic and Conventional Quality.

- Lots of 275 bags of Certified Organic Coffees, with European preparation, from the associated producer groups.



Gourmet range

Gourmet Micro Lot Range:

Presentation in green coffee, without defect, acidulous quality with floral and cocoa notes. Good body, complex aromas. SCAA Protocol Evaluation from 85 to 87 points.

European Quality Range:
Presentation in green coffee, 13 defects according to European standards. Aromatic and balanced coffee, notes of dried fruit and hazelnut, medium body. SCAA Protocol Evaluation from 81 to 84 points.


Harvests start from November to February. Exports start from the month of January. All our green coffee is packed in henequen (agave fiber) or jute sacks, weighing 69 kg net according to export regulations in force.

A.G. Melipona

Compra a granel con nosotros

Si te interesa comprar a granel con nosotros escríbenos a:

Comunícate con nosotros a los siguientes números: 951 201 9794-273 122 3116
Romain Javaux & Nicolas Terrien


Café filtrado
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